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Tania Kelley’s photographs are compositions of mood, light and subject.

Tania was born in the very centre of Australia but soon left and spent her youth in Adelaide. Since then she has constantly been on the move, spending time in Sydney, Tokyo, Los Angeles, London, India, Jordan, Egypt, Poland, and New York. She is now based in Berlin but continues to travel.

Tania has worked for numerous independent and commercial fashion magazines, both in Australia and Europe. She has also documented numerous shows for the Sydney theatre Company and the Schaubühne in Berlin. In 2007 she curated an exhibition of production photographs for the Sydney Theatre Company. She recently had her first solo exhibition in addition to her many group shows.

Focusing on moments and after moments, Tania’s landscapes and personal images have a strong feeling of presence. It’s as if something has just happened or is just about to happen. The weight of the image lies somewhere beyond the action and draws attention to what is often overlooked. The settings are not just the backdrop but provide a story of their own.  They often depict the contrasts present in a place, the nature that adorns a city or the man made that marks the natural world. It is perhaps this incongruence and the desire to marry the two that is the most dominant force in Tania’s photography.